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Here all information you need to plan your trip to Sardinia.


What should I do in order to get to Sardinia?

According to the legislation of the President of Sardinia Region n. 27 of June 2nd 2020, all passenger arriving in Sardinia by airline or shipping lines have to sign in before boarding using:


  • via "Sardegna Sicura" App available for iOS and Android systems.


Is registration on the Regione Sardegna website or App "Sardegna Sicura" compulsory?

Yes, registration is mandatory for all passengers arriving in Sardinia.


I'm a resident of Sardinia, do I have to register too?

Yes, passengers resident in Sardinia must also register.


What type of information should I include in the registration form?

This is a form that contains personal data and information relating to your trip and stay in Sardinia. A copy of an identity document must be uploaded during registration.


What additional features does the "Sardegna Sicura" App have?

In addition to registration, you can give permission for voluntary tracking and participate in the epidemiological investigation.


What happens once I've registered?

Once the online form has been filled, you will receive an email which notify the registration, containing an ID confirmation and a link which refers to a document of possible previous infection or contact with Covid-19. The completion of this form is also mandatory and must be done no earlier than 48 hours before departure. At the end you will receive an email of "Beni Benius in Sardigna" with a QR code attached to be shown to the boarding staff responsible.


What should I do before flying?

Before flying to Sardinia it is also necessary to fill in a self-certification on health conditions to be delivered to the staff of the airport of departure. Depending on the airline operating the flight, this self-certification will be required at the time of online check-in, at the airport check-in desk or at the time of boarding. This procedure is valid nationally and is applied to all flights departing or arriving in Italy.


Will the temperature be measured at the airport?

Before departure and on arrival, the temperature must not exceed 37,5.


Can I bring my carry-on bag on board?

By order of the competent authorities, passengers are allowed to carry on board only bags which can be placed under the seat in front of the place assigned. For health reasons, the use of overhead lockers is not permitted on flights where social distancing is not carried out on board. No payment by the carrier or airport operator will be required for the boarding of carry-on bags due to these provisions.



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