Area Check-in Aeroporto di Alghero
Servizi Aeroporto di Alghero

Passenger's Guide

  • Check-In

    For domestic and international flights, the time limits for checking-in depend on the destination and the airline
    You should contact the carrier for detailed information
  • Security Check

    Before boarding, for your safety, it is necessary to carry out security checks at the appropriate gates operated by security personnel equipped with metal detectors and other control and safety equipment.
  • Travel Documents

    The current legislation imposes that at the check-in desk, the passenger's identity document (Identity card or passport) will be matched with the relevant reservation paper.
  • Baggage

    Passengers are requested to put a luggage tag on the inside and outside of their baggage
    The baggage tag should contain the passenger's contact information (name, surname, address, and phone number)
    It is also important to remove any previous baggage tags
  • Traveling With Pets

    Access of pets to the terminal must be assured by complying with the specific rules in place