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Safety Report

One of the fundamental elements of the SMS System is the Reporting System, whose implementation concretely implements security standards monitoring activity, through the inclusion in a database of aeronautical events that occurs in airport operations.

It is from the processing and analysis of the data received that the performance inherent in the safety of the airport can be deduced, but for this to happen it is essential that the Safety Report is shared and used by all airport operators, immediately reporting any event that may or may have had an impact on security.

This Report is the most critical communication tool so that no event is overlooked; any anomaly can be of great value in highlighting any potential causes of major events: the reporting of events is, for safety purposes, the most significant contribution to prevention.

In any case, it is essential to ensure that the following reports are not intended to replace the various reporting models adopted by the subjects and airport bodies in the various procedures already in place, since the goal is to process and analyse additional data in order to infer - via the SMS - adequate feedback on system performance.

For this purpose, SOGEAAL S.p.A. prepares and uses two reports:

 The "Ground Safety Report" whose compilation is mandatory in the case of events involving aircraft and primary airport infrastructures/facilities, for example:

  • accidents involving aircraft;
  • accidents involving aircraft and airport vehicles/vehicles;
  • damage to infrastructure by aircraft;
  • significant damage to pavement that are harmful to aircraft ground movement;
  • aircraft collisions with birds;
  • the findings of FODs and/or dangerous objects for the movement of aircraft;

and The "Safety Report" whose compilation is mandatory in the event of:

  • serious malfunctions of vehicles and/or vehicles during the activity;
  • systematic malfunctions and/or inadequacy of infrastructures (e.g., apron);
  • vehicle accidents;
  • systematic abandonment of waste;
  • damage to infrastructures by vehicles or ramp vehicles;
  • failure to comply with procedures by operators (including commanders) during taxiing, parking and aircraft assistance phases;
  • lack and/or inadequacy of horizontal and vertical signs;
  • damage to the apron's floors which could damage the ground movement of vehicles and aircraft;

It is specified that the examples are by way of example and not exhaustive and that personal data if entered, will be treated in accordance with the privacy protection law.

Transmission and delivery of reports
In compliance with the transmission of the reports to the competent SMS office, reports, once completed, can be delivered in the following ways:

  • direct delivery to the SMS office;
  • insertion in the specific boxes located Airside and Terminal Area;
  • scanning and sending the forms via email to

"The information collected will not aim to search for personal responsibilities, but exclusively to identify critical points in the system, to be able to correctly assess and mitigate the risks associated with airport activities."