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  • Safety

    Safety Management System, hereinafter referred to as SMS, is the appropriate system to ensure that airport operations take place in the pre-established safety conditions and at the same time assess the effectiveness of the system itself in order to intervene to correct any deviations.
  • Safety Management

    The SMS (Safety Management System) is a system that evaluates the safety achieved in the application of regulatory requirements and improves the level where deficiencies or critical areas have been found.
  • Safety Report

    One of the fundamental elements of the SMS System is the Reporting System, whose implementation concretely implements security standards monitoring activity, through the inclusion in a database of aeronautical events that occurs in airport operations.
  • Compliance Monitoring

    According to EU Regulation No. 139/2014, Sogeaal has established Compliance Monitoring Management with the purpose of checking, monitoring and maintaining compliance with operational and technical requirements established by the regulation.