Area Check-in Aeroporto di Alghero
Servizi Aeroporto di Alghero


  • Airport Management

    SOGEAAL S.p.A. (Società di Gestione Aeroporto di Alghero) is the Management Company of the Alghero Airport
  • Service Charter

    SOGEAAL S.p.A. has published the new edition of the Service Charter, in compliance with the provisions of the circular GEN-06 Enac (National Agency for Civil Aviation).
  • Airport Regulations

    The Airport rules and guidelines apply to all activities that are carried out at the Airport and are addressed to all who access the airport.
  • Airport Manual

    The Airport Manual, drawn up in compliance with EU Regulation 139/2014 and the related AMCs issued by EASA, reflects the day-to-day operations of the safety management system based on the Safety Culture.