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Travel Documents

The current legislation imposes that at the check-in desk, the passenger's identity document (Identity card or passport) will be matched with the relevant reservation paper.

For web check-in (only for passengers with hand luggage), passenger's identity document will be checked before boarding.

For Extra Schengen flights, before accessing boarding areas, it is necessary to show a valid passport to the Airport Police.

Identity documents required and/or accepted may vary by destination and airline. For further information and details, we suggest visiting the airline's website.

Before departure, it is necessary to verify the suitability and validity of the identity documents required for the final destination.

Minor Identity document

For traveling abroad EU, minors must have a valid individual identity document (Identity card or passport).

Only in the European Union countries, can minors travel with their identity card (they do not need a passport) issued by residence Municipality.

For children under the age of 14, who go abroad with their parents, it is necessary to obtain the appropriate documentation to prove guardianship of their child.

 The Identity Document valid for expatriation issued to minors under the age of 14 can include (under request) the name of parents or guardian; in this case, it is not necessary to obtain additional documentation to prove guardianship of the child.

All passengers are reminded that the child's registration on the parent's passport was valid prior to 06/26/2012; from this date on, the minor can only travel abroad with an individual travel document (valid identity document for expatriation, or passport).

Parents' passports with minor child registrations remain valid until its natural expiry.