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Airport Manual

The Airport Manual, drawn up in compliance with EU Regulation 139/2014 and the related AMCs issued by EASA, reflects the day-to-day operations of the safety management system based on the Safety Culture.

The Manual contains details of the physical characteristics, policies and the operating procedures necessary for the safe airport operations and all the required information for the safe use, functioning and maintenance of the airport and its equipment as well as surfaces protection and limitation of obstacles and the other areas connected to it.
The Manual is a collection of documents, plans, and procedures aimed at representing the characteristics of the airside infrastructure, operations, and organisation of the airport operator SOGEAAL S.p.A..
The Manual is the reference point for all personnel, both of the Airport Operator and other public and private subjects who must comply with it during the performance of their duties to guarantee the functioning of the airport in relation to safety.

The Aerodrome Manual has the following structure:

  • Part A - General;
  • Part B - Aerodrome Management System, Qualification and Training Requirements;
  • Part C - Characteristics of the aerodrome;
  • Part D - Aerodrome information to be reported on the AIP;
  • Part E - Operating procedures of the aerodrome, its equipment, and safety measures;

 To consult the Airport Manual and Airside Driving Certificate Manuals (ADC-P, ADC-A, ADC-R) access the restricted area.