Assistenza a passeggeri con mobilità ridotta

Special Assistance (PRM)

Guide for passengers special assistance (PRM)


How to request special assistance

SOGEAAL is responsible for assisting passengers with reduced mobility at the Alghero Airport, in accordance with Regulation (EC) 1107/2006 on the rights of persons with reduced mobility in air transport.

In accordance with the regulation, requests for special assistance should be made directly to airlines, travel agencies, or tour operators, at least 48 hours prior to the scheduled departure date.

At the airport, you can report your arrival to receive the booked assistance.

Call points are provided in a clear and accessible format both inside and outside the airport.

Persons in charge of assistance will come to pick up the PRM and, if necessary, help him in registering at check-in desks.

It is important to arrive at the airport within the time indicated by the airline, travel agency, or tour operator.

In the absence of precise indications, it is necessary to arrive at least two hours in advance of the published time of the flight at the call point.

The management company of Alghero Airport, with our qualified crew and the necessary equipment, can guarantee the right assistance to those with disabilities or reduced mobility, allowing them to:

  • Communicate their arrival at the airport and request assistance at the designated points inside and outside the terminal;
  • Move from the designated area to the check-in desk for the registration of passengers and baggage;
  • Proceed from check-in to the aircraft, going through customs, security and immigration controls;
  • Board the aircraft with the use of lifts, wheelchairs or any other appropriate assistance needed;
  • Proceed from the entrance of the aircraft to their seat;
  • Store and retrieve baggage on board the aircraft;
  • Proceed from their seat to the entrance of the aircraft, disembark on lifts, wheelchairs or any other way of assistance;
  • Proceed from the aircraft to the baggage hall and collect baggage completing immigration and customs procedures;
  • Proceed from the baggage hall to the designated point;
  • Reach connected flights, if in transit, with assistance on board and on the ground, inside and in between terminals as per specific requests;
  • Be taken to the toilet facilities if required. 

At the time of booking it is important to specify what type of assistance is required:

    Passengers that can walk independently within the aircraft and can ascend and descend the stairs, but who need the wheelchair or other means of transport to cover long distances within the terminal;
    Passengers that can walk independently on the aircraft but that cannot ascend or descend the stairs and need the wheelchair or other means of transport to move within the terminal;
    Passengers who are immobile, that need wheelchair to move and assistance from arrival at the airport up to the end of the flight, as well as to exit the airport;
  • DEAF
    Passengers with hearing impairment or who are deaf;
    Passengers with visual impairment (to distinguish blind and visually impaired);
    Passengers with impaired vision and hearing and who have the need of a companion to move;
  • DPNA 
    Passengers with mental or behavioral disabilities.
Inside the airport

Alghero Airport can be reached by car, taxi or bus.
The taxi stands are located in front of the terminal.
Since not all buses are equipped with platforms for wheelchair access, it is necessary to contact the ground transport company to book / confirm the service in advance.
In order to check availability and bus timetables, please visit this  Alghero Airport web page.

Assistance is provided at the airport for arrivals, departures, and transit.
Upon arrival, passengers who need assistance can activate this service at one of the following points:

  • help point;
  • information office;
  • check-in counter;
  • directly at the Courtesy Room (Sala Amica).

It is also possible to contact the operators via the reference numbers located at the help points.
The call points with intercom are located:

  • on the external pavement, close to the entrance of the terminal;
  • close to the parking pay counter;
  • in the Courtesy Room (Sala Amica) (intercom).

Airport map

Parking map

Dedicated services
  • Courtesy Room (Sala Amica), is a lounge located in the check-in area, reserved for passengers with reduced mobility and special needs where they can stay until the time of boarding.

  • Wheelchairs of different sizes are available at the Courtesy Room.
  • Ambulift is available for boarding and disembarking on the aircraft.
  • Tactile paths, due to some renovations of the terminal, there are some dedicated tactile routes and related maps, which are temporarily out of service; however, for passengers who are blind or visually impaired, we can assure assistance from Terminal Service personnel and PRM.
  • Reserved car parking, they are free and can be found inside the Comfort Parking - P1 in front of the airport. There is no need to book in advance.

To take advantage of this free parking, you must show the following documents to the staff at the cash desk before parking and also before leaving the carpark:

  • entry ticket to the carpark;
  • disabled parking permission;
  • permission holder’s ID.
Useful linksQuality standards

Airport Quality standard list

  • Users-friendliness tools at the call points
  • Easy identification of call points
  • Availability of parking spaces reserved for person with reduced mobility
  • Easy access to the terminal
  • Hand baggage screening service
  • Screening service staff courtesy
  • Screening service staff professionalism
  • Signs at the airport
  • Ease of movement within the airport
  • Functionality of toilets
  • Cleanliness of toilets
  • Cleanliness in the air terminal
  • Suitable information and communication
  • PRM staff professionalism
  • PRM staff courtesy
  • Assistance provided during the boarding and disembarkation
  • Waiting time at call points
  • Waiting time at check-in desk
  • Waiting time for disembarkation
  • Waiting time for boarding
  • Waiting time at ticket desk
  • Waiting time at baggage claim area
  • Overall satisfaction


Method to file a claim:
Sogeaal, certified UNI 9001:2008, handles complaints as determined by its Quality System in compliance with UNI 10600.
You can submit comments by mail, email or fax to the following addresses:
Sogeaal Relazioni con la Clientela
Regione Nuraghe Biancu
Aeroporto Alghero - Fertilia
07041 ALGHERO (SS)
Fax +39 079 935282

For all instances not applicable to Sogeaal direct responsibility and for which a different party must answer, Sogeaal undertakes to manage and ensure all refunds subject to authorization by the carrier with whom the passenger had stipulated the travel contract. For suggestions or complaints, passengers can use special forms that can be found in special dispensers located at the check-in and departure halls. All complaints received via mail or e-mail, are cataloged in a report based on their nature, the date of receipt and processing date. Complaints represent a further means of continuous improvement for Sogeaal, always attentive to the needs of its passengers.

Application form: Complaint form in pdf file

Pointing of deadline for the acknowledgment
The process for resolution of complaints within 14 days from the receipt, compared to the 30 established by the regulation, can be applied to all those complaints for which can be quickly carried out the investigation of what happened and that usually does not require documentary research, for which is needed different time.