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Traveling With Pets

Access of pets to the terminal must be assured by complying with the specific rules in place

Dogs must be kept on a lead and wearing a muzzle in all public areas of the Alghero Airport; alternatively, they must be transported in a suitable travelling cage.
People appointed to look after pets must have all the necessary equipment to clean and remove animal excrement.
Furthermore, before booking the flight, it is compulsory to verify any airline limitations by visiting its website.
We always recommend checking the policies and procedures for transporting animals with your Travel Agency or airline company.

Animal transport

While making a reservation, these are the steps you should follow: inform the airline of the presence of an animal, verify if animal transport is allowed and which regulations are required to be followed by the country of destination upon arrival. In fact, in several countries, the animal may be subject to quarantine for up to three months. As a general rule, the animal must be vaccinated against major diseases and accompanied by medical records.
All airlines allow small dogs to travel in the cabin with passengers. They can travel in the cabin provided that they are carried in a suitable travelling cage with a waterproof and absorbent base and the cage should not exceed the size of 47x25x32 cm. The overall weight must not exceed 10 kg. If the total weight of the cage and the animal exceeds 10 kg, the animal must travel in the cargo hold. In this case, the animal will be boarded with the cargo and will travel in a suitable cage provided by the airline.
Visit the Ministry of Health website for more information on the conditions of transport for travelling with pets

Special cases

Certain animal species (birds, fish, frogs, land turtles) can disembark in Italy only if they have a certificate of their origin issued by their country. For protected species such as (parrots, water turtles, ornamental fish, etc.) it is necessary to show a CITES certificate (which authorizes the export of the species).

Guide dogs

Guide dogs can travel in the cabin with passengers as long as they are on a leash and have a muzzle: in this case, their transport is free of charge. However, the airline must be informed of their presence at the time of the reservation.
The guide dog and the passenger will be boarded before all other passengers and placed comfortably next to each other.