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Frequently asked questions.

For questions or doubts our FAQ page is available.

Are training and/or business meeting rooms available?

Yes, SOGEAAL S.p.A. offers its clients three modern meeting rooms, suitable for business meetings, interviews, product demos, workshops, videoconferences, personnel selection and other needs. For information you can contact our marketing offices.

Is it possible to buy promo-advertising spaces at Alghero Airport?

Yes, promo-advertising spaces are also available online.  For information you can contact our marketing offices.

Is it possible to have an exhibition, rent commercial or event spaces at the airport?

Yes, commercial/exhibition spaces are available temporarily or for an extended period. For information you can contact our marketing offices.

Where can I park my car?

Inside Alghero Airport there are two official car parks: the P1 Executive - Comfort car park and the P2 Holiday - Low Cost car park.

Where and how do I pay for parking in Executive and Holiday car parks?

Payment can be made, before picking up the car at the parking area at the cash desk, with the operator from 06:00 to 24:00 or until the last flight of the day arrives. Alternatively, you can use the automatic payment machine in the Executive - Comfort car park.

The parking can be paid by cash, credit card or debit card.

  • Cash can be paid at the automatic teller or at the cash desk.
  • You can pay by credit card at the automatic payment machine or at the cash desk.
  • You can pay by debit card at the cash desk.
How much do you pay for long term parking at Alghero Airport?

Rates are available on the web page in the parking section.

I frequently leave my car at the airport. Are there any subscriptions to reduce the cost of parking?

Yes. Subscriptions with special discounts are available. The rates are available on the website in the parking section.

Where can I park my car for several days, at the best prices?

In Holiday Parking - Low Cost, for just € 4 a day.

Where can I park when I pick someone up at the airport?

For those who need to go to arrivals and park for a few minutes, we recommend the P1 Executive Parking - Comfort. The first 15 minutes are free!

Can I book and purchase parking online?

Yes, you can book and buy parking online only on our website in the parking section.

Can I buy a parking space for a single day online?

Yes, the minimum duration is one day.

I extended my travel, how can I extend the online parking purchase?

Before the conclusion/expiration of your parking reservation,  you can access the private area of our website and independently extend the duration of your parking reservation.

I lost my parking ticket, what can I do?

You must go to the cash desk located in the car park located inside the P1 Executive - Comfort car park, show your identity document, vehicle registration, departure tickets and online purchase voucher.

How can I request an invoice?
  • It can be requested on the airport's website by selecting the appropriate field and filling in the data in the post-purchase phase.
  • It can be requested at the cash desk with the operator before leaving the car park or within and no later than the day following the date of payment indicated on the receipt.
How do I access the parking lot after making the online purchase?

You must enter the 6-digit reservation code, located in your purchase confirmation email, on the numeric keypad located on the automatic ticket machine of your chosen car park and press "ENTER".
A ticket will be issued that you will need to keep in order to exit the car park.
When exiting the car park, insert the issued ticket at the automatic ticket machine and wait for the automatic barricade bar to open.

What do I do if my daily parking time exceeds what I expected at the time of my online purchase?

You can pay the difference at the automated payment machine or at the cash desk with the operator.

Who can provide information and assistance on parking?

For information and assistance you can contact the attendant at the cash desk from 06:00 to 24:00 by calling (+39) 079 5570170.
For information or assistance on an invoice request from the online purchase service, you can send an email to

Where can I find baggage trolleys?

Trolleys are available at the airport access doors (arrivals exit).

Is there a smoking area in the airport?

No. It is only possible to smoke outside the terminal.

What are the opening/closing times of the terminal?

The terminal is open to the public every day from 4.00 am until the arrival/departure of the last flight of the day.