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Safety Policy

The safety policies and the related objectives establish that: "SOGEAAL S.p.A. places the safety of airport operations at the top among the primary objectives of its management activity, providing itself with a Safety Management System aimed at guaranteeing the best effectiveness to all efforts, which are sustained to safeguard the safety of passengers, aircraft and airport users.

The Company promotes all initiatives and behaviours aimed at achieving the highest levels of safety, considered an essential condition for the evaluation of company performance at every level, therefore it is necessary, also through a 'just culture' of 'proactive and predictive security', to achieve, develop and optimize appropriate strategies, management systems and processes aimed at guaranteeing the highest standards of operational safety in order to meet the indispensable requirements for the SMS System".

 The cornerstones of the SOGEAAL S.p.A. Security Policy are:

  • Guaranteeing the design and implementation correspondence over time of flight infrastructures, systems, and equipment in terms of effectiveness and efficiency of use, protecting the maintenance of the highest standards of safety and quality of service in compliance with national and international regulations,
  • Ensuring the constant analysis of management and operational processes and procedures to guarantee compliance with safety regulations,
  • Perform a recurring and adequate training of all personnel.

SOGEAAL S.p.A. undertakes to consider the responsibility for managing the SMS for the entire corporate organisation, carefully reviewing the results of the monitoring activity implemented, to continuously improve security policies.

Finally, for the continuous improvement of safety and accident prevention, it undertakes to identify specific objectives that can be achieved and are consistent with the general commitments (Safety Objectives).