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Safety Management

The SMS (Safety Management System) is a system that evaluates the safety achieved in the application of regulatory requirements and improves the level where deficiencies or critical areas have been found.

The SMS refers to the "airport system" as it is not possible to exclude any airport subsystem due to the corresponding conditions between them.

It allows greater uniformity to the entire organisation, to rationalise the relationships within the management company and the same with the other subjects, assigning in an unequivocal way the tasks and responsibilities of each subject, reducing any uncertainty or organisational errors and leaving unchanged duties and responsibilities for which both individuals with specific institutional competences (for example ENAC, ENAV, Polaria, Dogana, VVF, etc.) that the representatives of the various private organisations present at the airport will remain the guarantors, for their respective area, of the implementation and supervisory obligations and responsibilities (Safety Responsibility).

The SMS through proactive management of security issues, including the management of risks associated with operations, aims to contribute to the improvement of security levels.

The processing and analysis of data provided by a "Reporting System" allows the system to continuously document the "state of the art" safety of the airport, offering a global view of the safety results achieved and adequate feedback to the managers of the various sectors and the company's top management on the performance of the system.