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Safety Management System, hereinafter referred to as SMS, is the appropriate system to ensure that airport operations take place in the pre-established safety conditions and at the same time assess the effectiveness of the system itself in order to intervene to correct any deviations.

It is based on a systematic and comprehensive safety management approach that involves the organizational structure, responsibilities, procedures, processes, and tools for implementing company policy and safety objectives.

The primary purpose of Safety management in airport operations is the prevention of incidents and accidents.

The SMS defines how to identify the processes, procedures, and resources for the implementation of Safety policies, as well as the tasks, roles, and responsibilities of staff. Safety management is an integral part of organisational management.

SMS is an operator-centred structure and relates to all airport Safety activities, and therefore, all parties involved in that activity are required to comply with the airport safety requirements and to apply the relevant procedures.

Aircraft operators, service providers and any other organisation operating independently at the airport shall comply with the security requirements of the airport and shall cooperate with the security programmes, immediately reporting any incident that may have an impact on security.

Hazards and risks are inherently associated with airport operations where incidents and accidents are only the ultimate results of a chain of procedural and organisational deviations.

Only proactive and predictive management based on the spread of a ‘just safety culture’ at all levels of the organisation - can identify hazards and reduce or mitigate latent risks and thus ensure successful prevention.