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Airport Regulations

The Airport rules and guidelines apply to all activities that are carried out at the Airport and are addressed to all who access the airport.

The Regulation has been implemented following the art. 2 of Legislative L. n. 237/04, converted into Law 265/04, which establishes the obligation to adopt Airport Regulations for each airport. It contains the rules and procedures inforced at the airport, in order to ensure the safety and orderly use of infrastructure and facilities.

The Regulations reproduce all the current applicable instructions previously issued by the Airport Director, highlighting in particular the obligations that the various operators must undertake towards ENAC and the commitments under which all the airport services are provided, respecting all the required standards.

The display of the Manuals ADC-P, ADC-A, ADC-R, is allowed after obtaining the password from the Airport Operator SOGEAAL S.p.A.