Area di ritiro bagagli
Ritiro Bagagli Aeroporto di Alghero


Passengers are requested to put a luggage tag on the inside and outside of their baggage
The baggage tag should contain the passenger's contact information (name, surname, address, and phone number)
It is also important to remove any previous baggage tags

For airport security reasons, it is FORBIDDEN for passengers to leave their baggage unattended.

Restrictions on hold baggage.

Maximum weight, size, and pieces of checked baggage may vary according to the airline.
Passengers are advised to check with the airline or travel agent for details if the baggage exceeds established limits, they may be asked to pay additional charges.

Passengers CANNOT carry in their hold baggage explosive substances and incendiary devices such as:

  • ammunition, detonators, and explosives
  • detonators and fuses; mines, grenades, and any other military explosive equipment;
  • fireworks and any other pyrotechnic articles; sticks and smoke-generating cartridges; dynamite, gunpowder and plastic explosives.

There are no limitations on the transport of liquids, aerosols, and gels inside checked baggage.

For further information or details, please visit the official ENAC website.
 ENAC (National Civil Aviation Agency)

Before boarding, passengers are asked to check the airline's website for further information about restrictions.

Restrictions on hand baggage

Passengers are allowed to take only one piece of hand baggage onto the aircraft.
Passengers should also check the weight and size requirements for baggage on the official website of their selected airline.

Without prejudice to applicable security rules, departing passengers are not permitted to carry the following articles into security-restricted areas (beyond the security checkpoints) and on board the aircraft:

  • guns, firearms, and other devices that discharge projectiles;
  • stunning devices;
  • objects with a sharp point or sharp edge;
  • working tools;
  • blunt instruments;
  • explosive substances and incendiary devices;

Any liquids, aerosols, and gels (the so-called L.A.G.s) transported in carry-on bags must be placed in containers with a maximum capacity of 100 ml each (1/10 of a litre) or equivalent (100 grams) and then placed inside a single, transparent, re-sealable plastic bag. The total amount of liquids may not exceed 1 litre (e.g. containers with overall dimensions of 18x20 cm). The transparent bag containing L.A.G.s (Liquid, Aerosol, and Gel) must be removed from hand baggage and presented separately to security personnel for screening.

Furthermore, passengers departing from the Alghero Airport carrying L.A.G.s exceeding 100 ml/gr for medical and healthcare purposes, including medicines and baby food or milk may be brought on board. In this case, passengers are invited to go to the security checkpoint identified with the letter "A" that is equipped with special devices for L.A.G.s checks. 


For further information or details before boarding, passengers are asked to visit the official ENAC website
ENAC (Italian National Civil Aviation Authority)

Before boarding passengers are advised to check the airline's website for further information on restrictions.

EASA (European Aviation Safety Agency) information campaign on lithium batteries on board aircraft
ENAC (Italian National Civil Authority) accepts the initiative taken by EASA (European Aviation Safety Agency) for information and awareness-raising campaigns concerning the presence of lithium batteries on board aircrafts, to inform passengers that these potentially dangerous batteries, under specific conditions, could explode and cause a fire on board.
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Lost Baggage

In case of lost baggage at arrivals, passengers should go to the Lost & Found Desk (Lost Baggage) in the Arrivals Lounge, to receive assistance for lost baggage claims and to inform the airline(s).

In case of lost baggage and items when departing, passengers should go to the Lost Property Office at the Security checkpoints, to receive assistance for lost baggage and items claims during their stay at the airport.
For further information, please visit the Services page.


In accordance with current security regulations, passengers are not allowed to wear, carry on board or have in hand baggage any firearm, including replicas/imitations or parts of them, toy-weapons and sporting weapons.
Weapons may only be transported as check-in baggage according to the current legislation and must have the airline's prior authorization. Passengers should proceed to the check-in desk for boarding procedures.