Advertising Spaces

Give visibility to your business.

Alghero Airport offers promotional and advertising spaces with the possibility of integrating internal and external space and the web.

The airport is an exclusive commercial communication tool since it guarantees the possibility of conveying messages aimed at qualified and well-defined customer targets, but also to capture the attention of the general public.

In general terms, the airport's media tools can appeal to all types of customers with great effectiveness during the entire time spent inside the airport (about 2 hours on average for each journey made), guaranteeing an effective return to the promotional and advertising investment.

Communicating at the airport and through the airport is a valuable opportunity to strengthen your website or promote its products and services, positioning the advertising message in a prestigious context, within a system that can approach a vast, curious, attentive public, that changes daily.

We offer tailor-made solutions able to meet the most diverse communication, visibility, and budget needs.

A dedicated staff is available to develop the strategy and identify the most suitable support for the communication objectives of our customers.

  • projection of images/films on a giant led wall
  • projection of images/advertising films on the monitor network;
  • signage;
  • non-tabular advertising (single and double-sided decals, columns);
  • dynamic billboards (inter-runway buses, rotating prisms);
  • customization luggage trolleys, storage trays;
  • printed matter (timetable, boarding passes, ticket parking);
  • website;
  • shop windows and temporary exhibition areas;
  • sampling activities;

For further information please contact Commercial and Marketing office:

Business non Aviation | Direzione Sviluppo Business
Tel. (+39) 079 935011 - Fax (+39) 079 935219